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  1. Property Tax question
  2. House market
  3. privaterealestate.com?
  4. Gst
  5. Listed our house!
  6. interest on down payment
  7. Just Purchased 2nd House from Sundial (Volga)
  8. Issues with Pr-approval & Builder's lender/bank
  9. HouseValues.ca
  10. New home market up 33 per cent in June
  11. Resale market in Ottawa
  12. Latest statistics from CREA (Aug. 2007)
  13. Selling Appliances with House
  14. Rosehaven Homes
  15. Where to get the lowest interest rate?
  16. what do you look for when buying a new house
  17. GST Transitional Rebate question...
  18. Mortgage Intelligence
  19. Is there going to be recession in the housing market?
  20. Real Estate Fees
  21. How long before closing did you sell your previous home?
  22. When to Apply for Mortgage?
  23. Corner vs Non Corner Detaached Home ...
  24. Select the right Lot ....
  25. Lot facing East/West or North South
  26. Questions to ask a real estate agent
  27. How is the house market now? Anybody feels the recession recently?
  28. A real estate "situation"
  29. Short term house rentals in Vaughan/Richmond Hill
  30. Holding your own Open House?
  31. Sell Condo Now or in Fall?
  32. Negotiating the price of a new construction home
  33. Free rental sites
  34. Transitional GST Rebate for Assignments???
  35. Interior Decorator on Design Center Appointment ...
  36. 'Soft landing' seen for house sales
  37. How do you calculate the Backyard space ...
  38. agent dilemma-advice?
  39. Behind the scenes of real estate agents practice
  40. $ amount for deposit on re-sale house
  41. Georgetown realtors
  42. Selling Privately-ideas?
  43. Lots Backing into SWM Pond or Park
  44. How to Avoid Getting Stuck With Two Homes
  45. New real estate laws to combat money laundering
  46. Realtor inside job
  47. Purchasing an "investment" property?
  48. 40 year amortization and no down payment mortgages
  49. Does one usually hire a realtor when buying a new construction home?
  50. Possible Legal Action on Sale of Home
  51. Can you change appliances when selling your home
  52. Canada could be headed for mortgage meltdown, says Merrill Lynch Canada
  53. Ontario MPAC Assessments Increasing by 20%?
  54. What are the consequences...
  55. Price Protection - Compensation?
  56. Land Transfer Tax
  57. Free downpayment money?
  58. Is there such thing as re-negotiating your house price with the builder?
  59. bring own agent to builder sales office?
  60. Total cost of the house that is reported to the city
  61. To sell privately or with a realtor
  62. Building permits drop in December
  63. Harmonization hurts new homebuyers
  64. Recommendation For Realtor (Buyer Agent) in North York , Toronto ?
  65. Condo Floor Question
  66. US Home Building Surges
  67. New Home Purchase - Lawyer’s Duties?
  68. Gas Meter installation/location
  69. closing costs and land transfer taxes
  70. new taxes to hit the housing industry
  71. the green energy act
  72. Useful website links for the housing industry
  73. importance of good credit rating today
  74. The Big Green Hydro Box
  75. MPAC Notice of Inspection
  76. Capital gains help!!
  77. Selling house privately or with agent.
  78. Builder Terminating the Agreement
  79. New Home Buying Process
  80. Grading Security Deposit
  81. 24 hour listing contract
  82. Real Estate Agent commissions
  83. Help with Purchase of Agreement!
  84. House Staging and Living Room Layout
  85. Can you still make ammendments thru lawyer after signing P&S agreement?
  86. Has anyone heard of Set Sale?
  87. Possible Delay in Closing Date Again???????
  88. Pay $70k more for premium LOT, are you going get the money back when you re-sale?
  89. Taxes - Capital Gains on Sale of Home
  90. Developer can Sell a whole site to a specific cable / phone compnay ?
  91. Use or don't use a Real Estate Agent for NEW homes
  92. Bungalows, Singles, and Splits - oh my!
  93. Are new homes cheaper when they're almost sold out?
  94. Heard of any new phases opening for sale soon in Stouffville?
  95. Pre-Closing setup help
  96. When to sell?
  97. Can anyone sell other people's home?
  98. House for rent right after closing
  99. GTA Housing Locations
  100. GTA winners & losers - How Your Area Fared from 2007 to 2009?
  101. How does selling a house work?
  102. Supplementay Prop. Tax Bill — Billed for time while house was unoccupied?
  103. Selling home privately
  104. Realtors in Toronto area
  105. Buying townhouse that backs onto future shopping centre parking lot?
  106. Listing Your Existing House by Builder's Realtor
  107. Real estate commission
  108. Resales Anyone?
  109. Private Seller question: Conditional upon sale of the buyer's home
  110. Walking away after signing sale agreement
  111. Selling a house during Ontario's March break
  112. Before Closing house transfer
  113. closing costs when selling?
  114. looking for the agents contact info with the red jacket.
  115. Property Taxes in HMB
  116. How far in advance would you sell?
  117. Real Estate Agent for new house
  118. Person on street just sold same model house
  119. first showing, buyer made offer, listing was up for 6 hours
  120. New Rules For Renting Investment Properties
  121. when an offer goes firm, how big deposit?
  122. financing condition
  123. Need suggestions before I finalize the purchase agreement
  124. Approaching closing on first home, questions
  125. Can i take my garage door openers and alarm when moving?
  126. When should we put our house up for sale?
  127. Earlier Closing Date?
  128. Closing conflict
  129. Chattles and Appliances
  130. Private sale?
  131. Negotiating Buyer's Agent Commission
  132. Breaking purchase agreement
  133. AVG price per sq ft for condos in GTA
  134. Tentative Agreement between the Competition Bureau & CREA
  135. building permit value - Who knows what it means
  136. Facebook's Cityville Guide
  137. closing date
  138. First time homeowner rebates, land transfer tax?
  139. Best Time to Sell
  140. Selling through Grapevine
  141. Seller Property Information Statement
  142. Investment property
  143. Need Advice....Lot width or depth...whats better for resale?
  144. Patching nail holes when selling home
  145. bradford vs. cambridge
  146. need advice
  147. bradford or stouffville
  148. Wallpaper - would it turn away prospective buyers?
  149. Real Estate Agent - Ottawa West End
  150. No closing date!!
  151. Is it worth it to fix-up a townhouse
  152. New house closing date April 2012. OK to list current house January 2012?
  153. Should we renovate kitchen in preparation to sell?
  154. Couple of questions before listing/showing our house.
  155. What are the Do's and Don'ts during house showing?
  156. Bank appraisal value and asking price - for sale by owner.
  157. Mattamy Fairwinds Phase 5A buyers!
  158. Real estates agent with very low commission
  159. New build closing
  160. First Home - Brand New or Resale??
  161. Saberwood homes ???
  162. Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS)
  163. OREA Form 124 Notice of Fulfillment of Conditions vs. Form 123 Waiver
  164. Tarrion - Roof question
  165. Problem with the Survey that builder provided on closing
  166. Being forced to "Lookout" status
  167. Where to buy detached house? Keswick, Stouffville?
  168. Paginas Amarillas Cali Colombia
  169. Went Looking at Older Homes Today
  170. What needs to be fixed after selling home?
  171. Sell Privately or with an Agent
  172. Has anyone used Assist-2-Sell?
  173. Giving landlord notice for new house!
  174. Agreement of Purchase and Sale for private sale
  175. Closing in January, When to Sell Your Home?
  176. New Home Buyer "Do's, Dont's, and Buyer Bewares"
  177. please help with Interim Occupancy
  178. builder salesperson commissions
  179. Saberwood Homes?
  180. 3 Bedroom vs 4 bedroom
  181. Ballantry Home - Cornell good price?
  182. Ballantry Home - Pricelist
  183. UPPER UNIONVILLE PHASE 2 - Grand Opening MAy 25
  184. When to list our house on market?
  185. Gatineau Income Property
  186. Rent to own debacle
  187. flip homes in phases (phase 1 to phase 2)
  188. Watch out for the tax man!
  189. Principal residence qualification
  190. Bought a house, may need to move
  191. Looking for a detached home in Ancaster
  192. Northstar Homes - Cookstown
  193. How to calculate Tarion Enrollment Fees?
  194. Question about buying...
  195. Gta builders
  196. Property Tax and Closing Cost
  197. Ballantry vs Royal Pine vs Field Gate - who is better?
  198. Looking for real estate lawyer
  199. Selling our condo.....
  200. Buying a new House, when to hire a lawyer?
  201. Creative or Creepy Home Marketing?
  202. If an agent comes to you with a buyer, how much comission are they entitled to?
  203. Beautiful Single House For Rent & Sale In Barrhaven, Ottawa, ON
  204. Interim Occupancy
  205. Thoughts on buying a house with a closing not until spring of 2018?
  206. When is the good time to sell your house?
  207. Tenant SCreening
  208. Buy new or old in Oakville
  209. Which Real Estate Agent Should We Pick
  210. To the GC's out there
  211. Why do homes mostly sell in the Spring?
  212. Negotiation on New Builds
  213. At what point is a basement considered "finished"?
  214. Does a fireplace really increase house value?
  215. Selling Home Before 1 Year
  216. New landlord. Need help please