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2010-04-28, 06:52 PM
I will be moving into a townhome at the Bell Estate in Scarborough this Sept and was told my counter-top will be 35 1/4" in height. I opted for a slide-in range which is 35 5/8" tall. There's 3/8" gap between the stove top lip and the counter-top, unless I upgrade my current $6,000 counter-top upgrade for an additional $1,350 to double-up on the granite counter-top thickness (incl $315 to continue the counter behind the range) from 3/4" to 1 1/2". My lot is currently awaiting excavation. I asked Brookfield is there no way to make the cabinets 3/8" taller at this stage or have the contractors built the cabinets already?

Brookfield's response:
"Cabinets are made to their manufacturers specs, all the cutting and boring has been engineered to industry standards– they cannot be customized for this adjustment."

Why did the industry decide that 35 1/4" should be the standard height for kitchen counters? :confused:Anyone wanting to upgrade to a slide-in range would have to have the counter-top upgraded as 35 5/8" seems to be kind of a standard height for slide-ins? Who's fault is this? The Industry or the appliance manufacturer? I would have preferred to use the extra expense for better appliances then a heavier counter-top.


2010-04-29, 07:56 AM
Aren't the stoves adjustable in height?

Most stoves that i've seen have the "feet" which screw in or out to adjust their height.

Talk to the place where you bought your range from and find out from them if they can adjust the height on install.

We were considering slide in and weren't told that height would be an issue.

Curious how this turns out.

Also, most slide in ranges have the side lips that overlap the counter and accomodate for the gaps.

2010-04-29, 12:26 PM
Thanks for your input tbw17 and Homesboughtahome,

Brookfield's comment:
"A slide-in range has a lip which sits on the counter top. If we do not upgrade the thickness of the counter top the stove will be above the counter top.
The height of the counter top with the ¾” granite will be roughly 35¼” so even if you adjust the legs as low as possible the stove will be 3/8” above the counter top."

Brookfield won't build the cabinet ⅜" taller so I'm leaning towards paying $1,000+ for thicker granite even-though I'm not warm to the idea of such a heavy counter-top.:( Is there any benefit to having a 1½" thick granite counter-top?


2011-03-18, 02:24 PM
A bit of an update. when I moved in the to new townhouse I measured the counter thickness. It was actually constructed 3/4" not 1 1/2". The range fit fine without the upgrade that I paid an extra $1K for. I had to insist on the return of funds for an upgrade that Brownfield didn't deliver. No apologies from Builder.

I don't know if this is the norm for house vs condo builders? My last 2 pre-con homes condos by Daniels Corporation and Concord Adex build qualities were great, customer service was great. Build quality, customer service by Brookfield Homes was horrific.

I bought the townhouse in the Summer of 2009 at The Bell Estate development in Scarborough. Original builder was Stafford Homes but taken over by Brookfield Homes.

A few other examples of issues I had with the builder:

Changes to floor plan from the original builder which Brookfield failed to inform me despite charging me $1000s for home theatre wiring, network and power outlet upgrades based on the old configuration which resulted in having to buy a smaller TV, outlets too high, in wrong locations and the chandelier installed in the living-room. Brookfield's response was this configuration was their intention from the get-go yet they documented the upgrades with me using an inaccurate floor-plan. No apology from builder.

Brookfield charged me $4k for sound proofing and my neighbor can still hear my bedroom TV even at low volume. No refund. No apology.

Brookfield sent their guy (a new hire) to my home 3 times to address the same deficiencies as patchwork was worse than the original issue. He didn't appreciate redoing the work and stole some tools and put a nail hole in my new range. Only reply from builder was they were offended that I even reported it.

The worse builder that I've ever dealt with.