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2010-11-08, 10:57 AM

Has anyone bought from Fernbrook Oasis Court (Markham and Steeles)?

We purchased a detached single in April 2009 and had a first tentative closing date of March 2010. We have received four letters delaying the closing. We were recently given a notice informing us that the outside closing date has been delayed to July 2011.

Has anyone else experienced such a long delay in the building of their new home?

There is a road and a sewar in place but no foundation yet. Is it realistic to expect that a house will be built by July?

Since there is a sewar, that means that the builder has obtained a permit correct? Therefore, they cannot cancel the agreement correct?


2010-11-29, 08:25 AM
I heard about a subdivision in stouffvile that was delayed more than 2 years.

this being said, my house has the foundation poured in may/june and closed in october, so, 7 months is more than enough time for them to complete your home.

Unfortunately the builder can give you notice 60 days before closing to delay your closing up until i belive it's 3 years after signing?( don't quote me on this, but it's a long time, that i do know)

You're kind of stuck.

Just keep looking to see if they've started to put in the foundation, once that happens things can move very quickly.

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2011-01-10, 11:08 AM
We also purchased a Fernbrook detached home at Markham & Steeles (Passmore) in July 2009. Our closing has been extended to September 2011. I've been by a couple of times, and I still do not see any construction/work being done, so I'm assuming things will get started once winter is over.

What happens if they are not able to complete the home by the outside delayed closing date? I know Tarion stipulates that the buyer can pull out of the sale...but am not sure as to what the process is.

Have you considered submitting a claim for remuneration?

2011-03-03, 03:38 PM
Fernbrook keeps telling me that the construction is being delayed because the permits haven't come in yet so I decided to call the city of Toronto directly. I spoke to the zoning examiner in charge of reviewing our permits and he said that Fernbrook hadn't even registered the plan of subdivision or the land titles and that they need Conservation Authority approved before they can do a zoning examination to approve and release the permits. I asked if it is normal for a builder to take two years to do this and he said no. Obviously, this is rather alarming to me. We've waited two years and are in temporary living conditions for now so I do not want to get out of the contract. We have invested too much time and money into this property to just give up now but this is frustrating. I will be contacting my lawyer shortly to discuss our options :(

2011-05-27, 07:30 PM
I brought a home from fernbrook homes Oasis in may of 2009, The delay closing is in sept and not much is done. The great thing is i have not sold my house as yet at the same time i don't know what to do because i don't think it will be ready then but they still have 1 month after that before I can pull out but I will not because my house price has gone up alot. I live in the same area so i can past by to see what is going on.

2011-06-15, 10:14 PM
Hi, I too bought a house in September 2009; the latest closing date specified is January2012. I see some action happening at the site recently; their website indicated most of the houses are sold. School board signs are up.... I hope they will finish it as promised. Their website indicates of starting 24 other new projects…..good luck buyers! I was called by the wiring people the other day to discuss wiring, Central Vacuum etc; they told me that the street has been named “Snowy Owl crescent”. By the way let me put this out of my chest, I am rather disappointed with their communication pattern, I left massages and sent emails to their staff as well as to the PR manager and no one ever bothered to call me, they act arrogant. This will be my last purchase from this builder.

2012-02-09, 10:04 AM
Hi, looks like things moving fast up there.... Closing has been extended to May end. Anyone had any luck with compensation?

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2012-04-04, 01:35 PM
I received a call from Mike about few months ago asking me if I wanted the compensation paid as a lump sum or reduced from the purchase price of the home. I informed him I wanted the lump sum and never heard back. I called Fernbrook about 2 weeks ago, and they said I would need to speak to my lawyer, so I did that. Apparently she has to submit some sort of request under Tarion. I will follow up shortly. Fernbrook is implying that there will be payouts made for the delays.... most of us who purchased there had a 3 year delay...so it would be ridiculous for them not to address it.

Customer service is not their best asset... It takes several calls/messages just to get an answer.

Is anyone closing this month?

2012-09-18, 08:23 PM
Oasis Court in Scarborough is one of the GTA's finest communities of executive detached homes, each with a double car garage. This charming ravine community is nearby lush natural delights, bordering Morningside Creek.

LOL . What a joke of a description!! i grew up in scarborough, and you know what else borders morningside creek? Johns out trolling for sex and the hetero married guys out "cruising" . Good luck to anyone who buys in that area.

2012-09-20, 07:46 AM
LOL . What a joke of a description!! i grew up in scarborough, and you know what else borders morningside creek? Johns out trolling for sex and the hetero married guys out "cruising" . Good luck to anyone who buys in that area.

+ 1 hahahaha

2012-10-04, 03:24 PM
yeah thts not the best place to live in scarborough