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2011-06-03, 09:59 AM
Is this a good area?


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Hi Henesse,

Like all neighborhoods in major urban centres, this is quite a nice area, but drive a couple of minutes away and you're in some not so nice areas.

I lived in pickering for years, close enough to where you're looking and the area close to the lake is nice.

If you go down hwy 2 a bit, or up port union to sheppard and along sheppard, not quite as nice.

It is convenient because you have close hwy access(401), go train stop (rougehill) etc. etc.

let me know if you have any questions.

2011-07-15, 12:48 AM
I went by to take a look at this site, very nice area from the looks of it.
Crime rate in this area is also very low.

2017-07-11, 01:34 PM
We moved into the West Rouge area 3 years ago and it has been nothing but beautiful, verdant and quiet. We love the waterfront and the many ravines and forests and park land in the area. The neighbours are awesome. The commute to downtown is perfect, which is why many professionals move here. The selection of schools and childcare services is pretty good considering how relatively small and isolated the area is. Going up Port Union to Sheppard is also nice, as are nearby Highland Creek, Centennial and the adjacent neighbourhoods in Pickering across the Rouge, like Altona, Rosebank.

Probably what would be considered the closest not-as-nice area is Morningside Crossing in the West Hill area, 8 minutes drive west on Lawrence. It's busy, has some old strip malls and a few old high rise apartments. But I go there all the time for some shopping and the gym. I find it perfectly safe. But I've lived in Los Angeles and have visited the rough parts of New York and Detroit. I've seen Sherbourne & Dundas, and King & Jameson downtown. West Hill really quite fine. But Canadians are evidently wimps when it comes to what they label "ghetto", and I think Scarborough in particular gets dumped on more than it deserves.