View Full Version : Confused Homeowner!! Skylight / Eavestrough / Venting

2011-06-20, 02:58 PM
I need some help!!!!!!!

I have a 2000sq ft home and was advised to put these Maxi Vents. Apparently they are better than the mushroom vents

Here are my concerns

My roof was replaced 5 years ago and the dome skylight is leaking. Will be replacing it with the Low E Glass skylight with the correct flashing..

First question: Vented vs Fixed skylight in the staircase. Is it worth spending the extra $1K for the vented option.
What are advantages etc

Eavestrough.. most companies are only offering a 2 year workmanship warranty with seamless except the joints. If Iwanted a 10 year warranty it would be over $2500+.

What do I need to look for in eavestrough

Lastly, Venting

A year ago with the eco program the attic insulation was increase to R-50 Blown insulation with all the stacks spray foamed. The opening too was padded.

One roofer told me that i need more vents. I only had 4 vents and need 2 more. Also was told that they needed to be on 1 side of the roof.
Is that correct

Another one said that I should remove them and put 2 maxi vents. Much better venting and cost efficent. How many do I need of these vents

Need some help/ confused