View Full Version : New home from Arista at Upper Danforth

2011-07-11, 03:10 PM
Hi Folks ,
I would like to buy a new freehold townhome from Arista at Upper Danforth location . I would like to know
1) Your experience with Arista products
2) Your experience with Arista in terms of capping the closing amount .

thx for your help .

2012-05-22, 03:34 AM
Hey take a look at firstview homes warden woods lots. I was looking at arista, but the area was less attractive than just north of st clair and i wanted to be super close to the ttc.

I cant answer your q. But firstview contract doesnt charge any additional fees, so you dont have to worry about capping , contract shows the builder will assume any and all such costs.