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2012-11-20, 01:36 PM
Thought I would start a new thread!!!

I was curious if anyone has purchased from this Etobicoke Townhouse development?
Any thoughts concerns would be much appreciated!
Also Iíve been doing some serious research and I canít seem to find much information on Fernbrook builder upgrade prices, any input would be much appreciated!

2012-11-28, 09:56 AM
I see this is a very helpful forum based website!
I’m looking for general builder upgrade costs preferably from Fernbrook, ie:
Stair upgrades, spindles, staining.
Speaker wire installation
Pots lights
Flats ceilings instead of popcorn
Under-mounted sink in kitchen
Flooring upgrades.

I’m trying to find out what kind of $$ I’m going to be dumping into upgrades and also what I should do on my own vs. having the builder complete.
Anything at all would be helpful !

Thanks y’all !

2014-01-13, 02:47 PM
Anyone go for their style appointment yet? Would love to hear what they are charging for upgrades...

2014-02-11, 12:37 PM
Just confirmed all our upgrades.

Mostly focused on the kitchen
Upgraded flooring throughout
New staircase spindles
Flat ceiling in the great room (most outrageous cost of all).
few pot lights.

Man did this stuff ever add up.

What about you?

2014-07-22, 09:45 PM
Hopefully someone will respond to this.
I recently received a letter from fernbrook stating they are cutting our den space in half due to some BS city by law.
I've purchase the Share unit and from what I understand this change is going to be affecting a lot of other units as we'll.
Would really love to get some people on board with fighting this.
I've already taken this to my lawyer and spoke with several people at fernbrook and tarion.
I've purchased this unit partially because of that den, this is BS and we should not let the builder get away with this.
Unit was sold as a 2 bedroom plus den. And months before it's ready they send us a letter saying..... Sorry no den!
Apologizes about the babbling post which I'm sure doesn't flow.
Anyone feel free to contact me @ chippaul@hotmail.com or simply post here.