View Full Version : Ravine/greenspace lots in North Oakville

2014-05-28, 11:51 AM
Does anyone know if ravine/greenspace lots will be available from any of the builders in the area soon? What have been the premiums for those in the recent past? Also, have any of the builders been offering walk out basements or deeper lots? Thanks in advance for all the replies!

2014-05-28, 12:35 PM
I don't know about timelines, but there will be some more available. In January it was about $100,000 for a regular upgraded lot and $200,000 to back onto the NHS.

Our agreement says they can't guarantee the grade but if they have to add a walkout basement, we'd cover the additional costs. It's highly unlikely that we'll end up with one (not that we were counting on it, but if the earth happened to shift, I wouldn't complain), but that leads me to believe they don't go out of their way to designate any lots as walk-outs at that point.

...and they've regraded the whole area so any existing topographical maps won't help with guessing which lots may be ravines/walkouts either.