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2014-05-28, 12:12 PM

I am looking for recommendations for architects who specialize in residential infill/redevelopment in the Toronto area. The objective is to redevelop the current house to add extra units for renting out.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

2014-05-28, 12:40 PM
Depends which part of Toronto... infill projects have totally become a political thing...

2014-05-28, 12:57 PM
Looking for Scarborough Area

2014-05-28, 01:18 PM
Sorry, I have no leads there. You may want to look around and if you see a project that looks like what you're thinking of doing, go to the city and ask to pull the documents.
In my experience, architects that do these seem to like to specialize in one type of project that they can tweak with each new project.