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2016-03-11, 06:53 PM
Hi Guys:

long story short,

I purchased a new home from the builder 2 years ago.

My builder set the PDI one day before the closing date this March which was two days shy away from outside closing date.

My bank wanted appraisal done but my builder was not ready as they were items that needed to be completed so the appraisor came in to appriase at the same date as my PDI which was one day before the closing date.

I came on PDI date, my builder rushed through PDI and noted only incomplete items and one broken stuff on the PDI and asked me to everything else on 30 day.

on day of PDI, I didn't have
some kitchen cabinets
Only sink, and no countertop (granite)
Paint job was a mess
Angle problem could be seen alover the place

I moved my furniture in my garage, and have not put my furniture in yet. I noticed numerous things which has put me in a lot of stress as I put in lot of money in down payment towards the house plus the inconvenience that I am currenty facing on daily basis.

List of problems with my house

1) my main floor is uneven, you can tell by looking at it and walking on it. it just doesn't feel right

2) main floor is all hardwood except kitchen area, the hardwood cranks, squeaks when you walk on it, I can feel it go down and up and it has been like this since day 0. My builder had rushed to put the flooring as they wanted their money and close the house

3) in kitchen there is tiles so it doesn't squeak but i did notice some tiles are slightly higher than the other, you can feel it when you walk.

4) my stairs are not bad, I was surprised that stair don't squeak or snap when you walk on it.

5) my second floor is all carpeted, when you walk on it, you could hear noise coming from underneath the carpet and it is very loud when you are on main floor. it feels like when you walk, the wood around it also moves up/down.

6) there are many other problems, such as paint work, angles, exterior, basement windows not opening, missing basement heating vents, no electrical from white electrical socket except one light on the master bedroom.

The above list is the list of problems and not incomplete items, the builder has yet to do some exterior work, install missing cabinets, and some other things.

I have a full time job, and my PDI was so quick and short, almost an hour where builder spend 30 minutes explaining missing cabinets and countertops and telling me that the bylaw is to only provide sink/running water for proper closing.

Now i have to deal with Tarion, and list everything on 30 day report. I am really stressed out and cannot concentrate at work and I am always thinking about the house. If it was one thing, I could be patient but there are so many things that are incomplete, or incompetently completed and I have already moved in with my family. We are afraid of not putting any thing in to the house because we want Tarion to see this shoddiest job.

I need your help and your opinion. I don't want to disclose my builder and the location of my house but I paid around 700K to the builder and my builder had told me on day of PDI that he made good money off me

I don't mind builder making money, as that is their business but by not meeting contractual obligations knowingly to me is fraudulent.

Please help, as I need all your input on how to properly address and resolve this issue. I cannot tell you enough how much stress and depression I am currently going through. A dream house that looked perfect on paper is becoming a nightmare. Sometimes i don't even want to come back home.

2016-03-11, 09:30 PM
If you have a problem with the construction of your home, contact your builder, Tarion and your lawyer. Document everything as best as you can.
The price you paid for the house is not relevant as everyones situation is different.
With a new home there is work on the purchasers part, it will never ever be a simple move in and expect everything to be perfect situation.
Document all of your issues and forward them off to the builder and Tarion. There is a process for all of this.

I have about 7 clients who have paid $2M each for their house only to have the builder go into receivership in January and now Tarion is heavily involved.. At least your builder is still in business.