View Full Version : Need help from Coronation owners

The Elliot's
2008-02-21, 10:31 AM
Can anyone tell me what the cost is to upgrade this model to nine foot cielings and to finish the basement stairs and entrance? thanks so much!!

2008-02-22, 09:12 AM
Wish I could help you out!
But I will bump it for you in hopes of someone seeing it (New Post Alerts!)

2008-04-01, 01:06 PM
I've got to assume you have this info by now but if not.....
I have a copy of the prices listed for Cambridge Mill Pond - hope they help.

9 Ft. Ceilings - 1st Floor = $6150
2nd Floor = $5650
Finished Basement Stairs = $5999

We have friends who purchased a 43 footer in Alliston and the prices are pretty close I believe.