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  1. May B
    2010-03-12 04:32 PM
    May B
    We installed a water softener after the builder encouraged us to put in a 5 stage reverse osmosis water system under the sink. so now we have the water softener and our drinking water hooked up to the reverse osmosis which is connected to our Fridge Freezer. It is recommended to have drinking water separate from the softened water. i have been reading up on RO (reverse osmosis) and this process actually removes the salt from the water. We used Eco water systems to install our softener just this week. Will let you know how it is working for us.
  2. May B
    2010-03-11 02:33 PM
    May B
    HI PJd,
    I noticed you bought a detached home in Stouffville from Greenpark. I bought one from Starlane homes. Are you living there as yet and have you installed a water softerner in your house?

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