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Forum Rules
Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.
This is a list of the current forum rules. It supplements the Terms of Use of the website.

This document will be updated as new issues arise.

1. Post your message in the appropriate forum.
There are many forums on this website. If you do not see one for your town/city please ask for one to be created. Please make use of the General Forums for general questions related to financing, appliances, house maintenance. You will get a wider range of replies and insight.

2. Do not use the names of any of the builders staff. This includes, but not limited to sales people, decor staff, site supervisors.
This has caused problems in the past and we want to avoid problems in the future.

3. Do not post problems with the construction of your home.
This is not the way to go about addressing these problems. You will need to contact your builder, your lawyer and Tarion (if applicable)

4. One username per person.
Do not register multiple usernames for yourself. If you and your spouse wish to use separate usernames, that is acceptable.

5. Signatures are fine when reasonable.
Feel free to incorporate the Ticker graphics into them. Just please do not make them huge and gaudy. Also remember that anyone can view these forums and by including personal information you make that information available to anyone.

6. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
This just leads to the same topic being covered in multiple areas of the site.

7. No commercial posting.
If you have a business and wish to promote it to a forum dedicated to new home buyers, please contact us for advertising rates.

8. Do not post links to other forums, including groups.
We have put a great deal of time, effort and money into this website and wish to continue providing it to you as a free service. We will adjust it to your needs as required. You just have to ask!

9. Do not post messages intended to start an argument, otherwise known as ‘trolling’.
This just leads to a mess of people being annoyed by your actions and will result in you being banned from the site.

10. Use of anonymous proxies is forbidden.
Sorry, but the majority of people who have used these on here just do so to post spam, post hate mail, or just cause problems. Posts and accounts will be removed.

These rules may change at any time without notice. We will enforce these rules by either our own policing or by notification from users. If you have found a posting to be in violation of these rules, please use the Report Post icon.
 I have read, and agree to abide by the BuildingHomes.ca - Building your community! rules.  

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