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smoudgil 2007-11-03 12:20 AM

Commute to Go from Mclaughlin & Mayfield

I am close to finalizing a house from Arista homes in the Magnolia community. Its on the intersection of Mclaughlin & Mayfiled. The only thing that is putting a doubt in my mind is that I need to commute to Mt. Pleasant Go station every day in the morning to catch 7:17 train. The usual way is to go down Mclaughlin down to Bovaird and then follow Bovaird to the station. In the night time it took 10 minute drive. I was wondering how much this would take in the morning???

I know Bovaird could be really busy in the morning... perhaps taking other streets might help. Does anyone familiar with the location knows which road are busy in the morning and should be avoided? Does 10-15 min sound reasonable to reach Go station?


willy77nilly 2007-11-06 08:41 PM

Wouldn't Worry about it
I think 10-15 minutes should not be a problem.

Remember the majority of folks are heading south to Mississauga/Toronto.
In the morning Bovaird really isn't that busy down in that area.

You should be fine!

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