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Feeling_lucky 2019-02-03 01:08 AM

HN Single family home: Cowans Grove vs. Riverside South
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Which area do you think would be better? Cowan's grove or Riverside?
We have children, aged 8 and below (requiring access to City of Ottawa activities and schools) and we are working parents.
also considering:
1. Future demand
2. Accessibility to resources

Thank you in advance.

Jord 2019-02-03 09:24 PM

Hey there!

We were in the same boat about a year ago before we decided to buy in Cowan's Grove. You really can't go wrong, both communities are really nice. Coming from the market, we really like how close the plaza is in Findley creek. It will be about a 5 minute walk from where we bought. Although it's small, that plaza has everything you need - dentist, doctor, shopper's, LCBO, grocery store, restaurants... and there are many more commercial developments coming along bank street that will also be very walkable. Riverside south has a little plaza too, but it's not as walkable from the lots that are available now. It also doesn't have as much to offer in my opinion. There are allot of amenities coming to Riverside South at Earl Armstrong and Limebank, but that will be years away.

There is a massive park and really nice walking trails coming at the east end of Cowan's Grove. This was another factor in choosing Cowan's Grove. You should see the site plan for this park, it's very impressive!

I think demand is pretty high for the area considering just about every builder is in there now. I think this will only increase as the LRT comes to Albion/Leitrim and as more amenities come to the area.

Commuting isn't great for either community if you are working in the city. And public transit won't be any good either until LRT comes. I guess you could say that about the suburbs in general though.

Hope that helps!

caehlan 2019-02-04 10:57 AM

Good choice on HN - by far the best builder in both areas.

Demand is hard to predict. Accessibility to resources definitely leans in favour of Riverside South though. A few reasons:
1. The bridge to Barrhaven provides access to everything you need - today. Minto & Walter Baker Rec centers, schools from every board, every grocery store banner, every chain restaurant in existence, quick access to the 416 (and 401), every big box store in existence, multiple choices for coffee.. the list goes on
2. 10 minute drive to Merivale & Hunt Club or Hunt Club & Riverside where the list above repeats
3. 5 minute drive to Manotick if you want "small town"
4. Riverside South itself today has 5 elementary schools (French Catholic is just building their 2nd) and 1 high school. LCBO, Independent, shoppers, a few restaurants, doctors, dentists, gym etc..

Contrast that to Findlay Creek - 1 elementary school, 1 grocery store, a canadian tire, lcbo, timmies & mcds & shoppers... for everything else you are driving to south keys or further. The new plaza will help but not substantially.

Transit for both communities is basic right now. LRT will eventually serve both so no great advantage. That said 4 lane Limebank is a lot faster than bottlenecked Albion & Bank

Looking at future growth though - Riverside South has a lot more room to expand. Findlay Creek is limited on all 4 sides due to the NCC, protected wetlands & the urban boundary. So what you see today with Findlay Creek + a little bit of growth is what you are going to get for the next 50 years. Not that much more commercial or amenities planned - just more houses to fill in the gap up to Letrim road + the Cowans Grove and Pathway's developments in the south.

On the other hand Riverside South will grow south to Rideau Rd, north to Letrim, east to Bowesville with mixed use (combo of mid & high rise residential + commercial) planned around LRT in the town centre.

Maybe the constrained growth of Findlay Creek will force prices a bit higher, maybe access to more amenities will make Riverside South more attractive and priced higher. Hard to predict.

Feeling_lucky 2019-02-04 11:12 AM

Jord and caehlan,
Many many and many thanks for both if your input and recommendations. The points are all excellent and gives us a lot to think before we set our minds.
Have an awesome day :)

caehlan 2019-02-04 11:17 AM

3 Attachment(s)
No problems. Just to add here are the latest community design plans for Riverside South & Findlay Creek (Letrim). You can see what is ultimately planned. The Riverside South one is going through an update. Letrim hasn't been officially updated since 2005. I've attached screenshots of the latest land use plans.

Riverside South:
Findlay Creek:

Emanreru 2019-02-04 01:58 PM

I don't think the map is updated (since 2015) and incomplete. Actually Findlay Creek is expanding further down south joining Tartan/Tamarack community with Phoenix/eQ Homes with more future business/schools. With the new Amazon warehouse, new Hard Rock hotel at casino, new Alt hotel at airport, LRT line (2021), expansion to four lanes on Leitrim Rd/Bank St/Albion. The future sure does look extremely bright in Findlay Creek and of coarse Riverside South ;)

evoMR 2019-02-04 02:27 PM

I know Findley Creek will also be expanding to the parcel of land due west of the intersection of Bank and Leitrim. I believe Tartan and Tamarack are going to be building quite a bit there once they've finished up all the prep work.

As for Riverside South, they'll be going all the way to the south west, just before Rideau Rd (Cardel), from River Rd to Spratt (Claridge, Richcraft, Urbandale, and HN)

mgardens 2019-02-07 12:41 PM

We are really interested in Caivan in Barrhaven but just came across HN Homes - we'd prefer the Riverside South to Cowan's Grove I believe. Is there still availability in Riverside or will there be?

Does anyone have any feedback on HN Homes? What can be expected in terms of upgrade costs?

evoMR 2019-02-07 04:46 PM

HN comes with a lot of standard features already. What kind of upgrades were you thinking of getting?

I believe their next phase will be starting sometime in the first half of this year. From my understanding, phase 15 is about to be approved (between River rd and Spratt (East-West) and Borbridge and Rideau Rd (North-South))

mgardens 2019-02-07 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by evoMR (Post 335573)
HN comes with a lot of standard features already. What kind of upgrades were you thinking of getting?

I believe their next phase will be starting sometime in the first half of this year. From my understanding, phase 15 is about to be approved (between River rd and Spratt (East-West) and Borbridge and Rideau Rd (North-South))

I guess we'd mostly be looking at flooring (like hardwood on bedroom floor, tiles), shower size in ensuite, maybe increase finished basement area and standalone tub. Also, smaller things like water line for fridge, gas line for stove, some changes to cabinets... I imagine that given the standards, there aren't an insane amount of upgrades to do.

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