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garyzhang 2017-11-04 10:50 PM

Why grading problem is not covered by Tarion?
I was told the grading problem is not covered by Tarion and I should contact municipal. I don't understand why it is a municipal problem since the grading was done by the builder.:confused:

garyzhang 2017-11-04 10:59 PM

The weirdest thing is that my builder fixed my neighbour's grading problem, which was exactly the same problem as mine, but told me that my grading problem is a municipality issue. How strange is that? It looks they don't have a guidance to follow.

GregS 2017-11-05 12:46 AM

Grading is managed by the municipality.
Have you called them with whatever your concerns may be?

suezuki650 2017-11-06 11:04 AM

Your city councilor may be able to assist. In our case, the builder had a severe drop off right where the easement for my neighbour's access would be. I called the builder and was told that I was out of luck, that is what was approved. I contacted my councilor and explained my concerns. The city came out to inspect and agreed that it was steep and looked for a solution. In this case it was a buried pipe and a shallower trench. It delayed final grading and grass, but I'm much happier with the result.

Halton Home Inspector 2018-02-11 11:52 AM

It depends on the grading problem.

If water is being directed towards OR not being directed away from the homes foundation then it is covered by Tarion because the building code requires settled backfill and general lot grading must slope away from the homes foundation.

If it is grading issues / problems like ponding that does not effect the home or the homes foundation like at the back corner of the property then that is best resolved by complaining the the municipality.

Code Rule Grading of Backfill (1) Backfill shall be graded to prevent drainage towards the foundation AFTER settling.

Code Rule Surface Drainage - Lot Grading (1) The building shall be located on the building site graded so that water will not accumulate at or near the building and will not adversely affect adjacent properties.

OttawaG 2018-02-11 03:37 PM

Our builder said the same thing to us when we emailed about water ponding in the front of our property......

ABoatNerd 2019-10-06 03:00 PM

Grading is covered by Tarion - but be specific.

Any standing water within 30 feet of the foundation is an issue.

We have major grading problems at Richardson Ridge - Uniform Developments made significant grading errors and allowed a non-conforming retaining wall to redirect our neighbours water onto our property.

We have had 4 inches of water in the backyard of our newish home. Tarion accepted this as a major structural defect (we have this in writing from Tarion).

Right now I am working with my city councillor and provincial MP to take the useless City of Ottawa and Uniform to task - they are both in violation of the Ontario Building code as noted above.

If your subdivision has not been assumed yet - then the developer is 100% on the hook (my situation), if it has been assumed, it is the useless City of Ottawa's responsibility.

Go to City Hall and get the official grading plan.

Do not take no for an answer.

Also, contact the City of Ottawa - start at the top, the City Manager and cc as many employees as you can.

Also the grading issues are probably in violation of the Site Alteration Bylaw amongst other bylaws - which means either the developer or the City is in violation.

Also, contact the Provincial Ombudsman and get that going.

Do not stop!

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