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GregS 2003-11-12 12:40 PM

Home Owner Tips
I've created this forum so new home owners can share tips on their new homes.

I have people emailing me information on what to do with a new house that would be perfect for posting in a public forum.

Another idea that might be interesting is information on appliances.

Many have not moved into their new places yet and still have to pick out appliances.

Many HAVE moved in and picked their appliances and probably learned a thing or two after getting them.

For example, I've been to many peoples houses and noticed several with the same Whirlpool Gold Stove. That tells me either the salesperson at the Brick really wanted to sell them, or it's just a good stove.

E&T 2003-11-13 08:57 PM

First thing we did was change the stove fan to a quieter one. Next was probably the A/C (we moved in Apr), followed by the light switches and plugs to the decora type, then the garage door opener. Probably more stuff I am missing.

Nick99 2006-06-14 10:58 PM

Went to look out of curiosity, not really interested in buying. Probably the lowest priced homes left in Oakville.

Nick99 2006-06-27 08:44 PM

National Homes - Westmount
Anyone buy from National in the Westmount comunity?

Nick99 2006-07-12 08:48 PM

I bought back in November last year.

Nick99 2006-10-22 09:42 AM

A friend of mine works in the construction industry for many of builders in the Halton region and his opinion is that Monarch is one of the better builders in the area.

Nick99 2007-04-01 09:21 AM

Milton was nice....about 10yrs ago
I recently came back to Milton to live for 5 weeks while waiting for for my new home to close in Oakville. I grew up in Milton and I can say that I don't even recognize it. Very busy, GO service is a joke, big box stores.....ect. Can anyone even drive down Thompson road or find a good place to eat??? I think the growth in Milton was pooly managed. Too bad because Milton was a nice town at one point.

England 2007-05-29 10:59 AM

Am sure some people will say the same thing about Jokeville?

GreyingJay 2007-06-21 11:25 AM

Things I Have Learned (in my first 30 days of new home ownership)

Phillips brand compact fluorescent lights (available at Home Depot) are truly instant-on (no delays, flickering or anything). They have 9W vanity globe lights that are practically indistinguishable from the regular incandescent globes, although pricey at $10 each.

Wal-Mart sells the best temporary shades, which even have a pull-cord mechanism (the temporary shades sold at Home Depot are nothing more than pleated paper and a couple of paper clips).

Home Depot has good prices on white 2" faux-wood shutters, custom cut to fit your window width.

R_D_G 2010-08-03 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by kristinthomas21 (Post 151199)
As a seller, you want to sell your home for the highest price possible. But this does not necessarily mean that the rise in selling prices arbitrarily. Overestimate their house will increase the time spent in the market and many buyers are sensitive to the duration of the houses were for sale.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think what you are trying to say is simply don't overprice the house you are trying to sell because buyers tend not to buy houses that have been in the market for a while. That is stating the obvious, IMHO.


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