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KBMF 2006-11-07 08:17 PM

NHR: IT jobs
Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone knows of any Ottawa west IT companies that may be looking for java developers? I have seen some posts on and workopolis, but I was hoping to get more of an inside scoop. i.e. info regarding previous work experience at local companies, job availability, good companies, job opportunities that may not be posted on the above websites etc. Any help is very appreciated!!!:D


GreyingJay 2006-11-08 10:52 AM

This may not help you much, depending on your experience and background, but General Dynamics Canada has about 100 open req's for people of various experience levels (from junior up to senior leads) in software, hardware and systems engineering. Not really anything with Java, it's lots of C, C++, some embedded real time (i.e. VxWorks), knowledge of tools like ClearCase, etc.

You'd be working on military/defense applications which will be deployed on tanks and helicopters and the like. No "internet plumbing". :)

You would also need to be able to get a government security clearance, typically "secret".

GDC is in Bell's Corners. The website is

Good luck in your search!

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