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Amanda1 2015-01-06 07:47 PM

Hi! Happy New Year!

We were in the neighbourhood on the weekend and saw the same updates as you. Great to see all the progress.

Not sure if you're users but I found a group called Mattamy-Kitchener Wildflowers. It's a group of people who are either all ready living in the neighbourhood or will be. People are very open to sharing info, answering questions and posting pictures.

Our lawyer is Don Travers of Paquette, Travers and Deutschmann. He's handled other work for us including wills/POAs and the sale of our current home. Here's the quote they provide for a title insured purchase transaction:

$999 - includes legal fees, title search, disbursements and electronic registration
$129.27 - government HST on their fees and disbursements
$255 - title insurance premium plus $56.50 (including HST) admin fee
$142.60 - registration costs ($71.30/document, ex: deed, new mortgage or secured line of credit)

The biggest cost (over $4000) is the land transfer tax but as this is your first house, I assume you don't need to pay that.

I'm not sure how their prices compare to others...I'd guess they aren't the cheapest...but I do have confidence in them and all the people in their office are amazing to deal with!

Hope that helps!

Amanda1 2015-01-06 07:48 PM

Looks like some words got deleted from my's a group I was referring to

Amanda1 2015-01-06 07:50 PM

Hmmm. Apparently it doesn't like the name of the social media that starts with face and ends with book

J3r3my590 2015-01-15 01:27 PM

Thanks for all that great info Amanda!
We really appreciate it as this is our first house and there is a lot we do not know.

Kelsi and I checked out the area last night and they are digging foundations on Olivia!!!!! We have a large pile of dirt in our backyard from Amanada's house haha. The framers have pretty much all moved onto Pineglen Cres. as the houses are really starting to come up fast. Our first floor framing is almost done and they have only been working on it for 2 days.

Some concerning news however is that during our little walk around Kelsi and I noticed our dining room window was not cut out of the wall like all the other windows on the main floor for the indigo model. Almost as if they forgot a window should be there. Kelsi and I are going to take another look tonight after work and see if anything has changed. If nothing changes by the end of the week we may email our Building coordinator to make sure something is done.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and if you get a chance to look at the area you will be surprised at all the progress!

Just over 3 more months left!!

Lordsxo 2015-01-15 04:47 PM

Hi all, it's been awhile. To answer your question about the lawyer, Jeremy.
Can't remember the name of the firm that we went to, but I got thier flyer in the salesoffice. They are on Fredrick St. in Kitchener, the lawyer that we have there acually bought a house there in WildFlowers too. I think the fee is in the $1000 area for every thing, and they are also providing a service where they will pay the transfer tax, if you agree to sign the cheque over to them, if your a 1st time home buyer.

They dug the hole in our lot last week, and I'm sure that alot will happen in a short time. It's amazing that it's less than 4 months now.

One downside for me, I got a hydro box in front of my place, well it's really a grate on the boulvard. Well less grass to cut!

I wouldn't worry too much about them not cutting out the window Jeremy, maybe they are leaving it till as late as posible, maybe the wind comes from that direction.

I've heard about that group on FB awhile ago Amanda, I don't go there myself as I don't really use FB other than to put up Picture to share with family. I can't remember my password. :D

Lordsxo 2015-01-22 10:48 PM

I guess that I missed everone tonight. Sure an interesting night. I met my next door neighbor, one of them. Got really exciting when someone asked about the water heaters. Joining the F B page now for wildflowers!

J3r3my590 2015-01-23 04:39 PM

I was pretty disappointed with the setup as our street (Pineglen) did not even have a proper table... which forced all of our neighbors to sit at other streets tables. Very little opportunity to meet anyone in that scenario. Hopefully Kelsi and I will have an opportunity to meet you both in the near future. However I am sure we will have many years to come :)

It really got interesting when the questions started flying....
Nothing at the meeting that I was not either expecting or did not know already. I am not a fan of face - book but I may make a fake account to take a look at the FB Group that was mentioned.

I asked the builder at the meeting regarding our missing window in the dining room and he said they did not forget about it. Probably blocking the wind like you mentioned Lordxso. Dave our builder is extremely nice and very approachable. He new our entire building plan, everything about the house and what exact stage the builders are at of the top of his head at the meeting. He even mentioned that we should receive a call within approx. 3 weeks to come walk through it!!

On a separate note I just drove by our lots as I got off work early and there is a fury of activity going on. They have started the framing on the second floor on our house.

Amanda they were pouring your foundation when I drove by!!!!!! Woot Woot lol

Unfortunatly I could not see past all the cement trucks to see lordxso's!

Hope Everyone has a great weekend!


Lordsxo 2015-01-24 12:40 AM

Ours is already done, we heard last night. That is so cool that they are so far already with you place Jeremy. The framing almost started on your side of the street for all the houses at the same time. They are really moving.

Lots of info on FB. Check it out.

Amanda1 2015-01-25 05:18 PM

Hi. Sorry we missed you on Thursday. We had to leave right after the presentation.

Thanks for the update, Jeremy! We drove past today and saw our foundation. Guess that means they'll get all of our dirt out of your backyard soon. LOL

Things are definitely starting to move! Talk to you soon

J3r3my590 2015-02-12 11:01 AM

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to update everyone as Kelsi and I drove by the area last night to check in.

Lordsxo house is coming along really well with the first floor pretty much fully framed and the second floor starting.

Amanda your first floor seems almost done as well!!

They have moved onto our roof now which is awesome. I am surprised to see the houses to Amanada's right (if shes looking at her house from the street) going up so fast. It seems that they are also starting a lot of houses on Ludolph street as well.

Hopefully this really cold weather does not slow production to much. I have read an article that mentions this weather may be here for a few months still which im not looking forward to.

Only a few months away now!!! The countdown is on.



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