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laurenlaba 2008-03-31 02:38 PM

Mill Pond Press Coverage and Community News
Hi all,

I'm not sure about you guys but I'm really into research and finding out new and interesting facts about the community, the developement, etc.

So far I have found some pretty interesting things out..I'll post any links I can find on this thread.

laurenlaba 2008-03-31 02:44 PM

Mattamy Receives top ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates Consumer Ranking

laurenlaba 2008-03-31 02:52 PM

MillPond is #2 for New Home Sales in All of Ontario!

smartsexystylish 2008-03-31 02:53 PM

Hi Laurenlaba,

Like you, I am interested in anything relating to our community!

I would love to see anything that you can find!

Thanks in advance =)

laurenlaba 2008-03-31 02:56 PM

Who Knew? Check out Mattamy's State-of-the-Art Indoor Home Building Facility

laurenlaba 2008-03-31 03:01 PM

Hespeler Village - Expect to See BIG Improvements in Core

smartsexystylish 2008-03-31 03:23 PM

New Homes Southwestern
Issue: Mar 11, 2008 - Mar 25, 2008

New Home Sites:
Mattamy’s new Cambridge community proves popular for its connection to nature

When Mattamy opened its newest Cambridge community of Mill Pond recently, it met with instant success and is selling quickly. Homebuyers are attracted to this superb location because of the natural surroundings that will form the community, from the mill pond at the centre, to the outer boundaries framed by the Speed River. It is a community of homes that satisfy the needs of all homebuyers and offers homes at very attractive prices. And right now there is a selection of superb Valley Lots available, which offer spectacular views of the natural terrain.....

To read more, find it located at:

smartsexystylish 2008-03-31 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by laurenlaba (Post 53852)

Interesting Article.

I had heard something about this from some of the buyers in line at the grand opening release, but I didn't know if it was true of not.

Crazy stuff!

aej1973 2008-04-01 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by laurenlaba (Post 53852)

This is totally wild, I had read about this in a local (Milton) paper a while back. You can actually see the facility way down the escarpment from a farm my family goes to sometimes. I really think that this will help keep the homes on schedule when weather is not a factor, let's cross our fingers cause I am ready to move already. :)


aej1973 2008-04-02 10:27 AM

[QUOTE=babymaeby;54254] Also, does anyone know if the city is planning to improve the bridge at Blackbridge Road? (Like make it 2 lanes?)

I had read somewhere that the Blackbridge Road bridge was a historical bridge. Wonder how they'll deal with that? I'd love it if it stayed where it was but if the city also added a bridge to go the other way. That'd be the best of both worlds.


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