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Cachou123 2019-02-17 03:52 PM

PDI in 2 weeks question
i am having my PDI in 2 weeks for a new house. how does it works with the 30 day Tarion warranty as i wont be able to inspect outside because of the snow

Halton Home Inspector 2019-02-17 04:37 PM

It's more important to focus on interior issues during the PDI. Exterior issues and incomplete work on the exterior is covered after the PDI while the proverbial scratches on hardwood floors and counters must be identified during the PDI.

IMO to prep for the PDI people should google Tarion Construction Performance Guideline PDF and review the rules of this warranty game. Focus on the Interior and Flooring sections of these guidelines.

Anything that is missing, damaged, scratched, or dented needs to be noted during the PDI. Things that are dirty can not be properly inspected and this must also be noted.

good2know 2019-02-17 04:56 PM

What you need to do in addition is to get it written on the pdi that exterior inspection was not possible. Also note all missing incomplete items.

stittsville resident 2019-02-17 05:43 PM

If you cannot inspect anything for any reason and if there is any possibility that the builder could say you damaged that item after the pdi and they aren't responsible, make sure you have it noted that you couldn't inspect.

They rushed us at every inspection/verification so far with people who had no interest in being helpful and were only interested in making the items list as small as possible, but because we forced them to put things like:

Floor was covered so couldn't inspect tiles
windows were dirty so couldn't inspect for damage/scratches
ceiling is too high to inspect
cannot inspect exterior due to snow etc etc, whatever applies

Don't be lulled into false confidence by their verbal promises, make them put it in writing or there's a good chance you will have issues later. On the dirty windows item I mention above alone, we've already had 4 windows replaced due to scratches and damage we couldn't see and I'm in the process of having them replace another 3. They wouldn't be replacing our french doors due to severe scratching either if we hadn't put that. It seems the cleaning crew used damaged razor blades to clean all the garbage off our windows after PDI.

good2know 2019-02-17 06:43 PM

Reminder that this is "your" pdi report not the builders.

Dont sign it until you are satisfied it is complete. Write things on it yourself if need be.

stittsville resident 2019-02-17 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by good2know (Post 335638)
Reminder that this is "your" pdi report not the builders.

Dont sign it until you are satisfied it is complete. Write things on it yourself if need be.

Good2know has really good advice on this forum. If you have other questions you can often find them answering them in another thread somewhere. They have helped me quite a bit.

good2know 2019-02-18 07:53 AM

This may help get ready:

OttawaInvestor 2019-02-27 11:09 PM

Perhaps bring a set square to check if the wall and ceiling are straight and on a right angle. Happened to a friend of mine last week where he noticed the walls look crooked, but he did not have any tool to verify. The builder conveniently doesn't have the tool either.

Also don't let the builder waste time showing you how to use the thermostat and air exchanger. More time on those things = less time to check for cracks in tiles, kitchen counter, and glass. Any such cracks, it's essential to put them on the PDI, otherwise good luck proving you didn't cause them...

Some builders tell you you cannot bring an inspector, and that is total BS. You are allowed to bring inspector or friend (or even designate them in your place) according to Tarion rules:

Some of my friends use this guy for PDI:

alsh 2019-02-28 11:55 AM

I personally used good2know checklist for my PDI as it very useful.

Most of the above suggestions are great and well advised. However, when I did mine, I took 2 people with me and both have different options which I got distracted. If I were you I would do this:
1. Take only one person, doesn't hurt to have another set of eyes. The more people the more distraction you will get.
2. Check the upgrades item, and make sure they’re correct.
a. One upgrade item I did discovered late was a pantry missing shelves. And wrong side of garage door opener keypad and sadly they had to change some of the pot-lights location. So, study your upgrades options prior to the appointment.
3. Takes notes on all deficiencies (if you can observe them all during that 1hr) if not you still have your 30-day form to submit and/or note them on the PDI paper before you sign.
4. Make sure all equipment works that include appliances (if any), HVAC, furnace, fireplace and shut off valve under each sink.
5. Don’t bother testing the plugs, this can be done at the 30-day list with the inspector if you decide to hire one.
6. Take pictures, just in case things changed between PDI and possession day.

Best of luck

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