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richyrich 2016-12-16 06:18 PM

Rogers ground loop?
Has anyone had experience with Rogers introducing a ground loop to their house i.e. annoying humming sound over audio equipment?

I recently got Rogers cable TV back (always had cable internet with them) and soon after install I noticed a new, annoying hum on the TV audio output which goes to my whole-home system. After eliminating a bunch of possible causes, last week I unplugged the co-ax from the Rogers box by chance and bingo, hum gone instantly, so the culprit is definitely the Rogers cable connection.

I picked up one of these and installed it near the cable box and the hum has gone but I'm wondering if there might be any other ill-effects and if the ground loop suggests something bad with the install?

Bear in mind I got "one of the bad ones" with the Rogers guy - I was out and he left the house with working TV but no internet which I had to sort when I got home. Very possible he screwed something else up at the same time - he seemed like he knew the bare minimum to get by. It's a pity because other times I've had really good guys - ability levels are SO hit and miss.

GregS 2016-12-16 09:31 PM

On the side of your house or just inside your house where the service comes in they may have split it. One side goes to your modem, the other side goes to all of your TVs.
Is that splitter grounded to the house ground?

richyrich 2016-12-16 10:37 PM

Thanks for the reply Greg. I'll have to go out and take a look - would an external splitter be some kind of additional plastic box on the wall?

I know there's two or three of the small metal splitters inside in the basement cabling box (where the modem and TV wall plates all connect) - might it just be split there and should any of those be grounded if there's nothing outside?

GregS 2016-12-16 11:57 PM

It may be in the box outside or somewhere inside. It varies depending on the installer and site conditions.

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