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mountpleasant 2015-06-08 11:43 PM

Conciliation Inspection
Did someone have an experience with a Conciliation Inspection and did someone receive an Offer to Settle by the builder. I was wondering if it is a good option to settle with the builder or go ahead with the inspection. I was told by the builder that the repairs would not be covered by the Tarion warranty if I go ahead with the inspection. Wonder what good is the Tarion warranty then or is the builder bluffing. The money they are offering alongwith the fix doesn't address the issue.

WellThatsLovely 2015-06-09 09:53 AM

Tarion very rarely sides with the homeowner. The organization is owned by builders so unfortunately it's not in their best interest to cost builders money.
Unless you issue is HUGE and they have no defence, the only homeowners usually have to rely on how generous the builder is feeling.

good2know 2015-06-09 07:13 PM

Can you provide some details? Needed to have an opinion whether they are covered or not.

I've done three of these. For the builder to offer a settlement, they must think the issues are covered.

They will want to avoid an official conciliation on their record and the fine that come with it.

So yes, it's a poker game. It may be a bluff, or a genuine gesture to make you happier.

Halton Home Inspector 2015-06-13 07:35 AM

A few of my clients have arranged with Tarion to do a conciliation. In all of those cases the builder then came over with their tails between their legs and fixed the issues, BUT, that is because the issues were legitimate and the builder should have fixed them in the first place. In a couple cases the builders ran over to the homes with a promisary note guaranteeing to fix the issue(s). As inappropriate as that is, the builders then asked the home owner to sign the note which the home owner is NOT required to sign. At that point if I was a home owner I would just tell the builder to fix the dam issue(s) like they should have done in the first place.

mountpleasant 2015-06-16 02:16 PM

I would totally agree with what someone just posted above:"Tarion very rarely sides with the homeowner. The organization is owned by builders so unfortunately it's not in their best interest to cost builders money." Tarion came up with the same story as the builder warranty manager that due to humidity levels the hardwood floor has problems that we pointed out like hardwood not connected at the tongue, creaking, gaps in the hardwood floor. The steam humidifier was installed by the same company that installed the HVAC 2 or 3 months after the date of possession. Tarion is made up of builders so expecting anything from them is like expecting one politician to act any different from the other one. My conclusion: Tarion is useless and a mouthpiece for the builders. Get whatever you can get from the builder directly.

suezuki650 2017-03-14 09:44 AM

I have a conciliation date coming up and have a question for those that have gone through it. One of the items on my list is my bathtub which was damaged when I took possession. They had someone in to fix it, but it wasn't done well. The builder wants to fix it again, I want a new tub as I don't have confidence in the fix anymore. In everything I read on Tarion, it's all about fix, so if the builder makes it look good temporarily is that enough for Tarion?

GregS 2017-03-14 11:04 AM

That's going to be a hard one to say. If you do not let the builder try and fix it again that can be seen as a refusal to access for repair.

If you do go to concilliation, the Tarion rep could see the repair as acceptable.

How is it currently unacceptable?

suezuki650 2017-03-14 11:46 AM

There were originally 3 nicks in the tub. One of the repair areas is rough, with small bubbles that I was told would go away. The other repair area is discoloured and peeling. The builder has agreed there is a problem with the latter and wants to send the crew back to redo it.

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