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dvg 2018-11-01 05:27 PM

Grass driveway in northern climate
I will be looking to finish a driveway in the next year or so. Weighing options. Does anyone have an opinion of grass driveways in our climate? You use a substructure to provide the support and prevent soil compaction. Example:

My concern is that this might not work out due to salt runoff from cars in the winter and the snowblowing. But maybe with a more salt tolerant grass like a fescue this would work out ok?

BrianT 2018-11-02 09:20 AM

Not sure if you clicked on Contact Us in your link but it doesn't seem as though they have installers in eastern Canada.

dvg 2018-11-02 10:40 AM

I was planning to install myself - but I did further research and Im getting the indication that grass driveways dont work here, it isnt just resistance to change that I was expecting. Marshall homes actually installed one in their LEED model home to evaluate it and possibly offer it as an upgrade. As far as I can tell, they arent offering it and the model home it was installed on was presumably sold and now sports an asphalt driveway.!4d-78.8386846

gerapau 2018-11-02 01:45 PM

Personally I don't think it would look good. Unless the home was designed for it and the garage was maybe hidden some how but to have grass in front of the garage door just wouldn't look right. Especially if you were the only home in your neighborhood to do it. I would be worried about how it would affect resale value.

It may be a way for some to widen their existing driveway though and still follow the city's bylaws.

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