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callaway 2008-02-03 04:42 AM

Mill Pond Hespler
I have just purchased a Mattamy home in Cambridge. I am a first time home owner and am not sure of how this is all going to proceed. Just wondered if there is anyone out there that would like to walk along with me in the dark.

smartsexystylish 2008-02-11 04:23 PM

me me me!
My bf and I had just bought a house there as well.
We bought a 36" Detatched Hillcrest Elevation A.

What did you get?

Our closing is Feb 4th of next year!!! So excited!!!

We're first time home buyers =)

callaway 2008-02-17 05:36 PM

Hello, smartsexystylish.
Love your handle!

It's so great to hear from someone!!
Guess what?? I purchased a Hillcrest also! It is an elevation B though.

Did you get any major structural changes when you signed the contract? I added the fireplace in the livingroom.

I can hardly wait until they open the Design Center in Cambridge. I am looking forward to seeing what my choices are going to be.

Have you found the blog that the Mattamy community in Milton have going? It is great information about upgrades, walkthroughs, procedures, things to think of before meeting Mattamy design personnel etc. It would be great if we could get something like that going for the Millpond Community. It would be a bit more specific to our situation. Here is the website if you haven't come across it yet and would like to take a look :

I guess it is a waiting game right now. Mattamy is busy selling their large lots and haven't time to get the Center opened and running yet. Let me know if you hear from them and I'll do the same.

What street will you be on? I am on the right hand side of Callaway.

smartsexystylish 2008-02-19 03:48 PM

Hi Callaway (Is your name for our street name lol?)

I too, am happy to hear from someone from our community!

I thought the Hillcrest layout was perfect for my boyfriend and I... Anything larger was just too much house for us!
We added the Fireplace in the living room as well as the Bay window =)
Upstairs, we upgraded our ensuite to the 4 pc one!! I can't wait to see it!!! I love ensuites haha.
And lastly, we got the upgrade for the basement (We just wanted the rough-in but we had to get the whole package.. meh!) I also want to get a Cold Cellar also! Did you get anything else other than the fireplace?

I plan on visiting the Oakville Design Centre to get a feel for how the Cambridge one will be lol! I think we get called for DC in May or June.

I am soooo jealous that Milton's blog is so awesome! I wish we had one!! I would love to start one! We should go into it together =) We could make it better HaHa!

I want to visit the site and see the area... Even though it's only dirt right now! Can you tell this is my first house? I am not too familiar with the area though. Right now, I live in Brampton. Before buying the house, I had never been to Cambridge! Nor did I really know where it was!

It's such a long waiting game! But time will fly that's for sure! I wonder when Cambridge's DC will open. The first house has been closed since Jan 19th for renovations to turn it into the DC. Definitely keep me informed if you hear anything!

We are on the right side (I think) also. We are lot #145. I am hoping for no sidewalk! And same street as you Callaway =)

smartsexystylish 2008-02-20 02:28 PM

Welcome Aboard BabyMaeby =)

Glad to see someone else on here in our new community!

150 days before closing? Wow that is quite some time away... I just counted and it would be Sept 8th for me... I don't think I can wait that long! Mattamy told me that May or June is when our DC should be, so I don't know how come yours is later..

I think we had Feb, March and April as choices for closing... I would not be able to wait any longer then our Feb closing! I can't wait. I think being a first time and a brand new home buyer is awesome! My boyfriend and I have been looking at Resale homes for the longest time and did not find much that we would really consider moving into. We decided that we liked brand new best, and when Mattamy came along, we jumped in and bought =)

Are you a cambridge or neighbouring resident? I am from Brampton right now.

smartsexystylish 2008-02-21 09:06 AM

The first time my boyfriend and I went to Cambridge was to look at the sales centre. And then the second was to purchase. In the upcoming weekends we'll go there to see what's around. From what we have heard (and seen) it's a lovely place to live!

I love the Milton site! I was telling "Callaway" we should set up our own website for Mattamy's Mill Pond =)
I am not too too overwhelmed right now (probably in a couple months) but also under-budgeted! Bf and I have soooo much stuff to buy as a first timer as we don't have much (we are both leaving the parent's nest!) so that should drive us both insane with the amount of things we need to buy (And things that we didn't even think of!)

Style 2008-03-02 07:35 PM

Came across this site while searching for information about Mattamy's new Mill Pond community. It was nice to see some of our future neighbours sharing thoughts on their future community. We have also purchased a home in Mill Pond and are very excited. We currently live in Brampton, and will move to Cambridge in April 09, Lot 3 on Henwood Dr. Will be quite the change of pace as opposed to Brampton for our young kids and ourselves but very excited to adapt and call Mill Pond home.

We purchased a Victoria Model and chose our lot so we could have a spring closing. Great to see everyone so excited and it is amazing to see how fast the lots are selling. We picked up our signed papers and there was like only 6 34 foot lots left. All the best to each of you and hopefully we will see you all in the neighbourhood when we get settled. Although April 2009 is still aways off. : }

smartsexystylish 2008-03-04 01:14 PM

Hi Style,

Welcome =)

I too, live in Brampton. It is quite the trek to Cambridge indeed! I work by the Airport so the commute is going to a long one daily for sure!

The lots have been selling pretty fast! Mattamy draws huge numbers of new customers. Especially at their opening days. My bf and I went to the sales office the week after they opened the 34's and I think they we're opening the 46's & 50's that weekend and the line up was huge! And we got there an hour and a half early! Everything that I have heard about Mattamy is all good things also, so that puts me at ease!

Yea April 09 seems like a world away!! We're closing Feb 09 so 11 months to the day today! I think panic will set in when we are 3 months away!!!

Style 2008-03-04 08:58 PM

I will trade in the commute for a beautiful Mattamy built house in a nicer and slower pace community anyday! I was born in brampton but it has completely changed since I was young and it is way over populated plus the crime is on the rise! I love Brampton but I think I will grow to love Cambridge better! My family and I have been there a few times and we already felt like it was home before we bought our home! I just cant wait to experience the whole new home buying proccess yet again! : }

Style 2008-03-05 01:41 PM

LOL They told me its supposed to open on march 15, but a better bet is end of March first of April! : }

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