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shresth14 2015-11-09 03:30 PM

The Trafalgar Review anyone

One of my friend just bought a house with Monarch in their BlackStone Community. They are very happy and satisfied with the build quality and over all service they received.
I am looking into townhomes and looking for opinions from Monarch BlackStone Community Townhome homeowners. I am specifically looking at their Trafalgar and Lexington Model, but any townhome reviews will be appreciated.

Some ratings in the line of -
Pre Sale Experience
Post Sale Experience e.g Customer Service
Quality of Building
- will be great.

If there is anyone who can provide me with Trafalgar or Lexington pics it would be really awesome.

deborachie 2015-11-09 09:44 PM

I think the trafalgar/Verve is the same as the Greenboro in Stonebridge. Monarch Builders is no longer- bought out by Mattamy Monarch used to be a great builder but their quality in workmanship changed in their last year IMO.
The layout of the house is great but attention to detail in the finishing was sloppy. Keep meticulous records of all meetings and photos of design centre chioces.
We love the house but have had far too many appointments to fix and repair deficiencies.

GreyingJay 2015-11-10 09:55 AM

If you look around in this forum you will find the Blackstone community thread (if you haven't already). I find that reading the community threads from start to finish, though it will take a while, gives you a good sense of the trends in the community. People start by posting about their excitement about their new home, finding out their new neighbors, comparing prices for upgrades. Then there's excitement about their closing dates or frustration about delays. The posts that come next are the most important -- whether they were happy with their closing, the warranty service, any long term issues that cropped up.

Good luck!

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