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nmcbride 2015-12-01 04:29 PM

NG heated hot tubs
I've seen these in the States, but never in Canada. Is there a reason? With hydro pricing doing it's doing I'm reluctant to invest in a giant electric water heater I'm keeping outside. ;)

TKG26 2015-12-01 08:37 PM

Probably not approved for use in Canada. I have never seen one

gerapau 2015-12-02 07:52 AM

As bad as electricity costs are here they are much higher in some of the states. This might be the reson behind NG being used to heat some hot tubs there.

A natural gas heater would have to be much more expensive to purchase than the electric heaters in hot tubs and around here it would take a long time to recoup that added cost.

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