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suezuki650 2015-12-23 05:15 PM

sound system/tv soundbar/multi room music suggestions
I'm looking at various technologies that will give me good sound from my tv/games/movies without wired speakers and also give me the option of multi-room music.

I'm leaning towards the Samsung HW-J650 or HW-J6500 for the soundbar and then adding some satelite speakears to it. I would also add something like the BD-J5700/ZC for my bluray player. I currently have a samsung bluray that does all the smart tv stuff as well as plays music off my network, but in my new open concept home, I have no walls to put extra speakers so I'm looking at other solutions.

I'm looking at ideas from others; what works what doesn't. I have some budget for this, but it's not unlimited.

GregS 2015-12-23 08:16 PM

Sonos Playbar
Denon HEOS

Sonos is nice if you just want a sound system that integrates with nothing.
HEOS is great because it offers options for everything, including integration with other systems, but generally needs to be professionally installed.

suezuki650 2016-02-17 04:16 PM

I ended up getting the Samsung HW-J650 and 3 of the Samsung M5 speakers. I can join all of them together to do room to room (multiroom) music, or have some work as surround sound for the tv. It works great with iphones and ipads and with the tv.

The app also allows for some of the subscription based music, and it sees my music on the hard drive connected to my network.

So far so good, and much cheaper than some of the other options.

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