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Sam Steele 2016-02-18 07:21 AM

Which Real Estate Agent Should We Pick
Looking for some advice on which real estate agent to select. We spoke to 2 agents and here are the differences. We liked them both.

Agent 1
Has actually sold this home before in 2009. Market was hot then and got over list.
This agent will also be listing a home a few doors down for less money due to less sq ft and less curb appeal. Is this an advantage? Working both properties?
Agents name not as well known versus Agent #2 but works at a larger brokerage in Oakville
Reduced their commission to 4%
Will provide HD pictures and some basic staging re and re some pictures

Agent #2
Agent name is well known in Oakville but smaller brokerage
Will provide Video as well as pictures
Will provide staging
More detailed brochures
5% commission

Both agents really want to sell the home because it is immaculate and has tons of curb appeal.
Not much staging is really needed and they both said this will sell easily due to no supply in the area.
Both appraised the homes value exactly the same and said to list it around the same. Just right to attract buyers. Not over or under valued.
Difference in commission cost (5% vs 4%) is almost $9000 when you factor in HST

Is the 2nd agent worth the $9000.

Your feedback is welcome!

GreyingJay 2016-02-18 09:59 AM

I'm no expert but it doesn't sound to me like the second agent is worth $9000 more. A video is nice - if it's truly a video and not just the same listing photos set to cheesy music. Staging is helpful, but they both offer it.

Having a second property nearby can work for or against you depending on the differences. If your price isn't that much higher and you have much more curb appeal, then it can work for you - the agent can point to your house and say "but for just a little bit more money look how much more you get". But it can also work the other way - "that house is cheaper and almost as good".

When I sold, there was a Grapevine listing on my street that was for a house slightly nicer than mine but they were asking much more. When my house listed, I notice that listing quietly disappeared - they must have realized they were helping to sell my house.

WellThatsLovely 2016-02-18 12:52 PM

There is no way to tell. It depends who has the best connections and how much time you have to sell. The cheaper agent may cost you $9,000 anyway if your home sits on the market for 3 months...
I picked the wrong agent once, the house was for sale for several weeks with no offers, then we lowered the price, an agent walked in, took one look at the house and presented an offer within hours. If I picked her in the first place, the house would have been sold in half an hour.

elo 2016-02-18 04:41 PM

Agent 1 would be my choice. $9,000 commission extra, you property is in great shape and in high demand low supply area. Both offer you almost the same and I expect that both agents have their connection. if Agent 2 guaranteed sell your house within 30 days, it is different story.

shane 2016-02-18 06:15 PM

id go with the 4% agent. most homes sell due to MLS and pricing your home right.
We have bought and sold many homes, at the end of the day the right price will sell the house. (my opinion)

good2know 2016-02-18 11:12 PM

From what you describe, you could sell it easily with no agent.

Sam Steele 2016-02-19 11:03 AM

Thanks everyone for their feedback ... We spoke to both agents again.

When I let agent #1 know we were not going with them due to their 5% they did not offer to match or lower their rate. Only to say that the rate is not the only factor when selecting a great agent and that only good agents would get you more money and able to negotiate better especially if there are more than 1 offer. I guess trying to justify their 5% with their negotiating skills, more fancy flyers, full staging, more ads in newspapers and their website.

Agent #2 although does not advertise as agent #1 does in newspapers and weekly flyers etc, Relies on networking, their larger brokerage located here in town, and MLS and real estate boards.

Agent #2 has taken multiple offers on this home before and got over list. They are also listing another home on this same street.

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