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homie27 2016-03-16 06:15 PM

light flickers when I turn on my AVR
Hi all, whenever I turn on my A/V receiver, the light in the family room flickers for a split second. I have a lot of other things plugged into the power outlet. Does this mean there isn't enough power to power all the devices? and is it possible there is not enough power going into the receiver and I'm not getting the full power out of my receiver?

GregS 2016-03-22 11:30 AM

Flickers? Or dims very slightly and then recovers?
Most likely the latter.

The AVR is just like any other high powered appliance. Will draw a lot of power at start up and then once its capacitors are filled will level out.

homie27 2016-03-22 01:51 PM

yes it dims very slightly and then recovers. so this is normal. will i get more power from the receiver if I increase the amps of that circuit on the electrical box?

GregS 2016-03-22 04:05 PM

More power from the AVR if you wire up a new circuit with a higher amperage rating?

No. The AVR will only draw the amount of power that it requires, not the amount that you are offering it. Just like any other electrical device.

homie27 2016-03-22 04:36 PM

I was concerned that the AVR wasn't getting enough power. is that possible?

GregS 2016-03-22 09:08 PM

Then your circuit breaker would pop.

homie27 2016-03-22 09:15 PM

ok thanks for the info.

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