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alucard76 2017-01-27 05:18 PM

To the GC's out there
This is for the general contractors. I would like to know what you all charge percentage wise to the person who finances the job. So for instance, I act as the vendor or the developer and buy the land and I hire you as the GC to build the house(s) on my behalf. We build all over Ontario so location is irrelevant. Thanks so much.

GregS 2017-01-27 05:39 PM

So you are asking what a general contractor charges to build a custom home?
Do you have relationships with GCs right now? What sort of percentages do they charge?
I've seen everything from 5% to 18% depending on the level of everyones involvement by owner, client, designer, etc..
Are they spec homes? Design/build?

alucard76 2017-01-27 05:54 PM

To the GC's out there
Thanks for responding GregS
Yes, I'm asking what a typical general contractor charges the developer to build a custom home?
Yes, I have a very strong, long time relationship with him right now? He currently charges me 10% but has suggested that he may like to increase that as we grow. That's when I decided to ask around here.

5% to 18%? That's a big discrepancy. Hm.
You say depending on the level of everyones involvement by owner, client, designer, etc..
I am the owner and while I am not a builder and am just learning the business, I am very involved and always around and learning. Most of the homes we build are custom builds with our interior Designer spending time with our clients. We did build a spec too.

GregS 2017-01-27 06:10 PM

If you are looking for turnkey from everything from permits to hand you the keys, that is 100% involvement and will require a lot more attention to the job and would probably require them to be there all the time.

Is the GC also providing general labour to assist with small demo and cleanup?

If you are looking for someone to just manage the trades and make sure they show up, that's less involvement and would allow the GC to manage several other jobs at the same time.

I've seen it all over the place with the customs that we do and as a result have a number of stories.. :)

alucard76 2017-01-27 06:12 PM

Understood. Thanks

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