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Mark & Lynda 2017-02-28 09:19 PM

Crestron - Moving AV components to basement
Was at the Princess Margaret Showhome and they had a really nice setup for the TVs around the house.

The home was being served by Bell sat. and there were no digital receivers at the TV locations. In the basement there was a rack and inside, so far as I could make out through the tinted glass door, was a Bell digital receiver and some other components by Crestron. I'm not sure what components they were and couldn't get a close look as the rack was locked up. Behind and entering the rack (coming down from the ceiling) was a massive bundle of blue network cable (cat6?).

If I wanted to move my digital sat receiver and Apple TV (or any HDMI component) to the basement and still have full remote control at the TV what would that require, besides a network run, in terms of Crestron products or another manufacturer? (without breaking the bank :) )

GregS 2017-02-28 09:32 PM

You know I'm a big Crestron dealer right? :)

What you describe is video distribution.
If it is all Crestron then it is Crestron Digital Media.
Place all your sources at a head end and then distribute them using a form of hd-base-t, which allows transcoding of an HDMI signal over a category cable for distance.

If you are looking to just do this with one TV and one source, that's relatively easy (we did 3 today!) and not terribly expensive.
If you are looking for the full video distribution, matrix switch with remote controls and all kinds of other things, then $25K and up.

Mark & Lynda 2017-02-28 11:12 PM

Hi Greg,

I knew this thread was for you. :)

The wife seemed interested and asked me, "can we do that?"

Right now, I'd say I'm not setup in the basement to put the components but will be starting to frame the basement in the next few months and plan to build a utility closet where the satellite coax, alarm, telephone etc. is currently being distributed.

Is the Crestron video distribution component something I can purchase from a dealer such as yourself and install it DIY?

GregS 2017-03-01 09:53 AM

Crestron is a professionally designed and installed system.
However if you are just looking to do a single source to a single TV there are several solutions for that.
Usually these things are done by the pros to create the solution and would be under $1000.
I quite honestly would not know where to suggest for retail.

SeanD 2017-05-03 04:02 PM

Take a look at the Niles RCA-HT2. I used this for my new home. IR sensors are connected to the main unit via ethernet cable. They work really good.

I stopped using them this year though, as I replaced all my Tivo cable boxes with Android boxes located in the basement and then use a tablet as a remote control for the Android Kodi boxes.

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