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BrianT 2018-12-04 10:24 PM

Rogers Ignite TV
Anyone sign up for Rogers Ignite TV? How do you like it? My Rogers contract is ending soon and I was thinking about signing on.


TKG26 2018-12-04 10:35 PM

Im switching from bell fibe to Rogers ignite this weekend...

Ill come back and post my impressions..

From a price point they dont offer any price rebates other than getting crave/movies/hbo free for 6 months and i got an amazon 100$ card coming supposedly ..

Bell maxes out at 50meg down on my street so looking forward to 150meg

Technology wise it should be a step above my fibe tv.. In the past i had considered the rogers cable system(non ignite) but it seemed it would have been a step backwards in terms of pvr mobile app rewind features..

Its a no contract deal. so im gonna give it ago.

BrianT 2018-12-05 11:02 AM

Great, looking forward to your feedback. :)

When I called Rogers, the price difference between continuing on with my current set up and Ignite was a whole $3.00 per month. I already have crave/movies/hbo so maybe this is why pricing wasn't too much of a change and I would get free Netflix for a year.

Installation fee would only be $69.99 ($100 discount). If I could sell my two current PVR's for this much, I would break even.

TKG26 2018-12-10 11:07 PM

Ok so its installed. 2hr window for install. They showed up on time. Technician was good. listened to what i wanted with the install. Said he would like the modem in the living room, i wanted 3 Ethernet connections and that wouldn't have been possible in the living room.. He said no problem we do a basement install and he would test to make sure wifi signal was strong through out house. IT tested ok through out the house for wifi singal..

So far so good. They tv system is very easy to use, the voice search/command ability is really good. My kids love it. Going to netflix and youtube is so easy.. I hope they ad more services like amazon video ect....

Picture quality is really good. I only had hd with bell. This has 4k and for the first time i see 4K pictures displaying on my 55" Vizeo. My TV is indicating 4k from everything coming form the rogers box.Even when its clearly not a 4k show. Im not technically savy enough to explain what is goin on, but basically with the way things are setup.. 4k signal is heading to my tv.

The ability to find shows and record is just a level above bell. Again the voice control really helps.

The boxes are tiny. And the remotes dont require line of sight to operate them.. So for my tv above the fireplace i can tuck in between the tv and wall mount. They are about the sixe of a android box or apple tv. all they have plugged in is a usb-c power adaptor and your hdmi cable the rest is wifi or Ethernet if you so choose.

Need to fast forward? Use the voice command. "Fast forward 12 minutes" and it does it!!

On the wifi. The bells router settings where slow to navigate, but for setting ups parental control over wifi access for the kids, the Bells ability for you to select 1hr blocks through out the day is the better of the two. With rogers although navigation in the router is faster when it comes to limiting wifi access its done with setting a block time like 5-9pm but you can not select multiple times of the day to set blocks.. Not the end of the world but still its something work pointing out\

we had 50meg bell internet we signed up for 150meg with rogers. ITs been very good and i randomly run and other test sites and even on wifi im getting full 150meg speeds at times depending where or when i test ill see drops as low as 60meg.. But its wifi and so much comes into play. As i type i ran the test:
Chrombook 150Mbps
Samsung S8 180Mbps
in the basement.Tried a few speed test places its between 120-160

Anyways just a quick note to say its been a smooth transition and we love the services so far...

BrianT 2018-12-12 08:08 PM

Thanks for your feedback.

I was at the mall and went into the Rogers store to check it out. The voice control seems like something I may use but not sure. The software for my existing Rogers boxes is really slow so based on what I saw, it wouldn't definitely be an upgrade. Free Netflix is no more and is replaced with the Amazon card.

So based on what I read, you are using the Rogers modem only. I use a separate Asus router attached to my Rogers modem and use the security features of the Asus router instead. I wonder if this would be an issue?

TKG26 2018-12-12 10:37 PM

The guide and menus are not lightning fast thats for sure. I do have my basement box hardwired to ensure max bandwith. guide seems acceptible.

Installer installed a Ethernet splitter for me, as the modem only has 2 phone and 2 Ethernet ports. I had 3 hardwires i wanted to use so he installed this for me.

He did mention i could use my own router if i wanted to.. So i would assume you could use your asus router with the modem they provide.

suezuki650 2018-12-14 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by BrianT (Post 335121)

So based on what I read, you are using the Rogers modem only. I use a separate Asus router attached to my Rogers modem and use the security features of the Asus router instead. I wonder if this would be an issue?

I'm on Rogers for internet and initially had a router installed but I was finding I wasn't getting the bandwidth I should have been and my VOIP phone was flaky. I had the router on another subnet, but hadn't done anything else to the config. I've since removed the router and added a hublet to give me the extra ports I needed, and plug the VOIP phone directly into the Rogers box and it all works. I got the manual for the Rogers box so was able to add the security I wanted.

I was told by someone else that changing the Rogers box to bridge mode would help, but after getting everything working I decided I didn't want to start playing with it again.

homie27 2020-07-07 09:50 AM

I like the ignite. the box is small, but has no clock. the remote sucks though. but the fact that the recordings are on the cloud is great because you can watch them on any ignite box in the house or you can watch the recordings from your phone anywhere in the world. imagine you are at Goodlife fitness and using a cardio machine with a TV on it. most of the times the TV doesn't even work. no problem, take out your phone and watch live TV or your recordings instead.

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