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DC3 2010-11-19 01:25 PM

Ground loop isolation
We finally moved in to our new house, and connected our A/V system. There is this terrible humming sound... I did a bit of work to isolate the source of this hum, and determined that it is mostly coming from the cable (coax). We have Rogers.
I tried getting the cheap solution from The Source - using 75 to 300 converters tied together.. but it hardly reduced the hum. My power bar which has a cable in / out significantly reduces the hum. However it is still pretty noticeable.
I am wondering if anyone has encountered this, and what solutions worked for you.
I am almost close to pulling the trigger on a Jensen Transformer.. It's a bit pricey... and I want to make sure this will do the trick.. and I believe it's mostly available only in the US.

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