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allydiagon 2017-03-26 10:28 AM

Builder installed bathroom mirrors - covered by Tarion or not?
I'm 3 month into my new townhome (closing was beg of Jan 2017) and just this morning noticed a crack in the bathroom wall mirror at light fixture: both are builder installed. I looks like the light fixture was screwed in too tight... at least that's what I've deduced based on my visual inspection. Question: what do I do... report it to the builder now? Wait until the 1 year? I did a search on Tarion website and I'm not even sure if that's covered under warranty. Any suggestions?

Halton Home Inspector 2017-03-26 04:16 PM

I would consider this as a legitimate warranty issue. Your assessment that the light fixture installation may have caused the crack sounds very feasible. I would suggest that you contact the builder. They may at this point tell you to put it on your one year list but IMO if there is any chance that the break could get worse then the last thing you need is a broken mirror in your bathroom.

good2know 2017-03-26 07:25 PM

Any damage caused by builder's trades would be a warranty item. Your problem could be convincing them that it was/is a problem they caused.

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