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4roos 2015-11-12 01:17 PM

I was told to contact Rogers at this number for getting new build homes hooked up: 1-866-902-9534. There I spoke with Erin at x7002. She said the Brookfield Phase 2 stuff isn't in their database yet so she's sent a request to the Rogers planning dept. to get it updated. She's supposed to call me next week with an update.

Anybody using TekSavvy or Bell?

Riletta 2015-11-13 08:35 PM

a free 6 month package was offerred with phase one gives you everything imaginable that they offer...meaning the value is more than $350 a month. if you go with careful to call rogers well before your 6 month expires to make adjustments otherwise month 7 bill you will need a beer before you read it...we have had a lot of trouble with them getting the billing right...i was a bell customer for 30 years..and should have stayed...every little thing is chargeable with in the end, for cable we have one next box we rent for 7.50 and asked for the digital adapters old technology which are free for all other tvs in order to keep our bill in some realm of reasonable

4roos 2015-11-18 09:35 AM

Rogers has a promo for new developments: 25% off Ignite 100u internet, with unlimited data, for first 2 years. Contact person for Rogers New Construction is Syed at 1-866-902-9534 x 5781 or mobile 416-566-5437.

We're cord cutters so we're going to try just internet.

4roos 2015-11-18 09:37 AM

A door to door Bell rep was pretty sure he could get us a 6 months free package of tv + phone + fibe internet for new construction.

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