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Default impressions kleinburg - 30' lot re-assignment NORMAND model **CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE**

Hey there,

We purchased the NORMAND Model from Arista Homes and looking at possibly trying to get someone to re-assign it to. Will be moving out from the country, so need to either wait for the closing and sell or re-assign. Closing is late November 2014.

Did out Tier One appointment already. Tier two is next year, so whoever gets this lot will decide the finishing touches.

This model cannot be currently purchased because none of remaining nine (9) lots (as of today) at Arista will fit this house. Also please note than although this lot is 30', the house layout is much better than most of 38' but you pay 150 K + less for it. Also note that this lot has no side walk, no electrical box, no mailbox, no catch basin nothing "bad" or unwanted around and in it.

Also Arista will release new lots this Saturday but they will be further north and east and most of them with side walk (lots with side walk will park single car for 30' lots and only two cars for 38' and 44' lots).

Call or Text me at 647 - 338 -1979 if you or anyone you know maybe interested in it.
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