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Originally Posted by Eagertomove View Post
Hi could you please elaborate on which street and what is price for it? Thanks
Danby Street, North side (as I said no sidewalk here), model Normand elevation A. Price is 665 K (+ 10 K bonus to spend in their home decor)

I called them today they released ALL phase 1 now and they have only 2 (I repeat TWO) lots that are Normand A, lot 74 and lot 79 and they are both on ravine lot (which means +40 K premium for that, so their price is 705 K for these), and they are both on the east side of Hopewell Street meaning there is sidewalk on the street (so you can literally park only one car on your driveway).

Paying 705 K for a single car garage home even on ravine lot and have only single car park outside. I honestly don't think this is a wise option.

Plus these lots are too close to commercial plaza. You can go to their sales center how hard they are selling lots on Hopewell Street.

Basic rule of buying home tells me, buy something that sells quick, never buy something that has hard time selling, since one way or another some day you will have hard time selling it too. The Danby street lots were the ones to sell fast within 1-2 days of release and I was one of the lucky ones.

Sad that I have to leave, but may my lost be somebody's gain...
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