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Originally Posted by k-town-man View Post
Not that young, I guess. We are in the late 30's, but this is our first purchased home. They're nice, I can't complain about that, but their full attention was not there.

I haven't heard anything about the possibility of adding eavestrough through Tamarack, and some other things that neighbours have were never mentioned to us too.

Also, another aspect to consider is that we have pending items from our 30 day inspection that still haven't been corrected. Also, most of the times when you have an item to be completed, the contractors will never do things correctly the first time, what adds, sometimes, weeks waiting for them to come back. I guess this is one of the downsides of Tamarack, that seems not to have enough employees to take care of all of the houses and problems they have.

We're planning to move to Ottawa sometime in the future and I wouldn't buy another Tamarack there.
I would double check with the site office for your pending items. I found that a lot of the times they marked an item as completed but it was not. Then the trade would come back saying that they "must have given the wrong lot number to whoever".
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