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Default River Ridge - Fieldgate

Hi to all... I was at the subdivision yesterday... although I purchased Mattamy. Had an intersting conversation with a security guard at the site yesterday that may be of interest to you all. Apparently an Indian burial grounds has been dug up at the Fieldgate site. I was given the impression that no homes would be built there. His information seemed to have been on the up and up... and we actually went up to have a look. The area had been blocked off and some scientists were coming in to have a look today. Granted... I had heard a similar rumour about a year ago... some locals were saying that it was the reason for the delays in the Mattamy subdivision, but nothing ever came out of it. Just recently, though there had been some mention in the local paper about the find. I would certainly be contacting the builder and demanding some answers for your delay. I can relate... I purchased my Mattamy home almost two years ago and have had four different closing dates... it finally look like we have made some progress and we are going to close on time... finally! Good luck to all of you...
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