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I called Monarch back in February after seeing the competitive prices for their towns

I found out that to get a total freehold town and an end-unit, it would be another $20K so what you see on the site might not necessarily what you got.

I did go see a resale town in Stonebridge and it turns out it's one of those *condos* town where you pay $50/month or something for people to take care of the streets. Again they like to use the big word *Common Area Maintenance Fee* if I remember correctly. I think that's retarded. Why would I pay somebody else monthly fee to do something that doesn't really have anything to do with me or something that I could do on my own ?

That particular house is on Lockhaven Private. There are quite a few of those in the Stonebridge area actually, Fieldberry Private, Goldthorp Private, just to name a few. I don't know the price ranges that you are looking for but I suggest you find out first if the house that you are interested in is total freehold. Obviously, if you don't mind paying that monthly fee then that's a different story.
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