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Originally Posted by jebise101 View Post

If I set it around 30 to 35 percent then yes it says on 24/7 but then the house gets really cold.
Your thermostat should be keeping your house at the temperature it is set at. But,,, running the HRV 24/7 will cool the house so the furnace will run longer and more often. IMO NO one should be running the HRV 24/7. It is a waste of hard earned heat and the air in your home should not be so contaminated that it would be required.

While an HRV will transfer heat to the cold air that is brought in, it does not transfer 100% of that heat. The result is that the air blowing out of your registers when ever the furnace is not running is cool.

IMO, using the HRV as a glorified exhaust system for bathroom fans is not a great idea.
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