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Originally Posted by kalW View Post
FWIW, we went with 3-4 shades of grey in our basement too. They're shades darker than what we use on the first and second floor so it made sense to keep the same pallet. Don't be afraid to go dark! You can still make it look great and not appear like a cave if you use correct lighting.

The idea was to make the basement walls one shade darker than upstairs and then build some ceiling bulkheads/coffers as features and make them a shade darker than that. We like the results.

Most of the basement are 3 different Sherwin Williams colours which we find work well:

SW7031 for bar/brewery (lightest colour):

SW7032 for HT/hallway/DVD room and most of the ceilings (medium colour):

SW7033 for the coffers (uppers) in the home theater ceiling (darkest colour):

The upstairs of our house is SW7030 which is a lighter colour in the same family so the stairs to basement transition should work well:

Here are the 4 colours together:


More details on the paint colours and maps of where they went in this post here:

More pictures available in my basement build thread (see my signature).

Good luck!

Just noticed your pic on Steve Maxwell's home page for a podcast on basement finishing.

I enjoy his articles - wonder what the connection is?
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