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Originally Posted by wkim75 View Post
So we have a fence guy doing the fences for a bunch of houses in our neighbourhood..

The first/main post between our house (and our neighbour's, whom we share the wide-side with) is where our two gates will be put up.

I noticed the post was significantly closer to my house than our neighbour's..

I looked at our survey.. Sure enough, the survey says both our front corners should be 1.26m from the property line.. From the rear corner, mine should be 1.27m and neighbour's should be 1.37m (i.e. there's is wider), for a total of 2.64m between the houses at the rear.

So I measured it.. The front corners are accurate (enough) as there's roughly 2.52m between the houses.. but at the rear, there's actually 2.50m instead of 2.64m.. and the fence post is 1.10m from our wall, and 1.40m from our neighbour's!

I called the fence guy, who came out to take a look.. sure enough, there's a 14cm overlap at the rear of where the property line should be..

The fence guy said he'd be willing to move the posts (the walls haven't been put up yet, just the posts). But he wants an official word on where the property line should be.

What can and should be done at this point? I've contacted the builder (house is nearing 2 years old at this point).. should I contact the city? What is the most likely outcome of this?

Any insight would be appreciated...

go to the city and get a copy of the registered survey - it will show all the houses and the distances

if either one of you has a lot survey that is different from the registered survey, throw it out - its the registered one that counts
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