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I wish that was the case for us. Our registered survey shows property lines that have be verified through independent surveys 3 times. Our neighbour also has a registered survey that has his property lines crossing over ours. He's been around when we had the resurveys but cried like a baby until his surveyors said he'd 'move' the survey based on allowable variances. Ha, no one talked to us about doing this.

Both surveys are registered with the town. And we've proven 3 times that his is wrong. No action by the town - civil matter.

Basic stuff wasn't done by the company that surveyed his. They didn't bother to contact our surveyor to tie in (two different builders/two different survey companies). If the other surveyor came clean, there would be a ripple effect as everyone from the neighbour's survey down would be incorrect and fences are up. He's not going to admit it. We even had both surveyors out together with no luck to resolve. In end our surveyor came back and redid the iron bars as even with the developer confirmed our survey is correct, house built first, registered survey submited and they should have tied in to our results. They disappeared in the night.

I wish you luck and hope because you and your neighbour have the same builder/surveyor it's just a mistake and surveys will be resubmitted with the truth.
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