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Default Question for Mattamy Homeowners

Hello All:

Since there are quite a few Mattamy homeowners here on this forum, I have a question regarding their upgrade.

Has anyone upgraded their fireplace to Mattamy's 'Modern Mantel Fireplace', either Layout #11 or #14 ?

On their Design catalogue it says and shows on a diagram that it has an extra wide accent trim as compare to their normal fireplace. I was at my friends place who bought house from Mattamy too and I noticed that his fireplace (which is same as seen in Oakriver Corner model home) is same as mine. The accent trims of both have same width of 2 1/2 inches.

My friend who bought a home from claridge and their fireplace accent trim is 2 inches wide, does additional 1/2 an inch qualifies as an extra wide trim?

Anyone from Mattamy upgraded their fireplace to Modern Mantel fireplace? Can you send me a pic or tell me how wide are the accent trim? Maybe, I am given the wrong fireplace.

I have contacted the Mattamy's customer care but so far no response, I am afraid they might say that the one that I have is Modern Fireplace.

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