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Default Manulife One mortgage

The Manulife one Mortgage is an all in one type product, similiar to the Scotia Step mortgage(and many other banks multi part mortgages) in the sense that it is registered as a collateral mtg and CANNOT be transferred to another institution on a no fee transfer when it is up for renewal. For that reason I do not recommend them because it ties you to them. The mortgages can be registered for up to 100% of the properties value thus if you run into trouble financially in the future you will never be able to put a 2nd mortgage on your home if needed.

Regarding the specifics of your question regarding payments, I would prefer you give me a quick call to discuss and I can ask you the info I need to answer you in detail. Everyone can always reach me at my cell 613-222-2624 or my office 613-563-5070.

If anyone hasn't heard, variable rate mortgage rates are on the rise, meaning most banks are DECREASING their discounting to Prime less -65%....
see article link below
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613-222-2624 anytime
Off 613-563-5070

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