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Originally Posted by GregS View Post
Not sure I understand the question.. Is getting Control4 worth it? That's up to you really. Home automation can add some nifty things to your home, even if it is Control4 (I'm a Crestron dealer)

It will certainly add cost, but distributed audio, lighting control, climate control, shading, video distribution, home theatre, integrated alarm and cameras, etc.. Can all create some cool possibilities.
I didn't know you did Crestron, Greg! We just put in a huge Crestron-based AV install at work. The DM32 is a monster behind all of the AV switching. Being here through the entire install and seeing the tight Crestron integration has made me realize that the other solutions out there are really pretty mediocre. Alas there's no way I can afford it in my own house, even with the nice buddy discounts I'd get from knowing the installers and dealers. Haha oh well, that's what you pay for a solution like that I guess.
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