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Default New Blog Idea - Good or Played Out

I have a question for the members of, but first let me preface the question with a small bit of history.

About a year ago I started a technology blog that aims to help people realize the full potential of their devices. It also provides tips and answers questions to help make the whole business of tech a little easier. It's mainly focused on Apple products and apps, but that's neither here nor there - just let it be said I have "blogging experience".

Anyway, I'm a pretty big "do it yourself" enthusiast also. I'm not an expert by any means but I did work my way through school while working at Beaver Lumber (a Canadian institution!), both as a yard guy and as a CSR at the lumber desk. I would say the knowledge I picked up there puts me in a fairly good place for an amateur DIY guy.

So the point of my question...

I'm starting to finish my basement at the moment. I thought it might be cool to start a DIY blog. The main topic at first would be the process of finishing the basement.

I could show people the process for getting a permit, what is expected in terms of construction quality, what materials I used, how I built things, how I laid out the room etc. The purpose wouldn't be to document everything I do or to preach that my way is best, but rather to help people see the process and what's involved, ask questions etc.

Is that something that sounds interesting and worth reading?

Just curious to hear thoughts and opinions.

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