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Hey there!

We were in the same boat about a year ago before we decided to buy in Cowan's Grove. You really can't go wrong, both communities are really nice. Coming from the market, we really like how close the plaza is in Findley creek. It will be about a 5 minute walk from where we bought. Although it's small, that plaza has everything you need - dentist, doctor, shopper's, LCBO, grocery store, restaurants... and there are many more commercial developments coming along bank street that will also be very walkable. Riverside south has a little plaza too, but it's not as walkable from the lots that are available now. It also doesn't have as much to offer in my opinion. There are allot of amenities coming to Riverside South at Earl Armstrong and Limebank, but that will be years away.

There is a massive park and really nice walking trails coming at the east end of Cowan's Grove. This was another factor in choosing Cowan's Grove. You should see the site plan for this park, it's very impressive!

I think demand is pretty high for the area considering just about every builder is in there now. I think this will only increase as the LRT comes to Albion/Leitrim and as more amenities come to the area.

Commuting isn't great for either community if you are working in the city. And public transit won't be any good either until LRT comes. I guess you could say that about the suburbs in general though.

Hope that helps!
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